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Make a note, if you are ever going to stay in Ocean City, Maryland, make sure you stay at a hotel right by the beach. Otherwise, it just does not feel like vacation. We tried to make it work. The little trailer park we stayed in was so cute, they had a Labor Day buffet, but it was so far from the beach, that it wasn’t like a get-a-away. We have now learned this lesson!

We love to go to the beach near Ocean City, Maryland especially Assateague Island. We love to be with the wild horses on the beach. We few years ago we were trying to get every last minute of our vacation, so we checked out of our rental and went to Assateague. Dogs are allowed on the beach and so are… well any kind of animal and we had our bunny with us. Bun-bun loved being on the beach. She loved sniffing the ocean air there. We kept her under a few umbrellas and it wasn’t too hot that day and I think she had the time of her life. Now every time we go back I’m reminded of Bun-bun on the beach!

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