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It’s my Friday update! I have to tell you, this week I was very sick with a stomach virus, but I had the most wonderful caregiver in the world to help me feel better. That’s right… Shane! Not only did he go to the pharmacy twice for me, but he also waited on me hand and foot during all of this nasty mess. I am so blessed to have a wonderful man. Anyway, the reason why I picked Friday to update everyone is because of all the wedding shows on TLC on Friday night. My favorite? Four Weddings, of course. Four brides attend three other bride’s weddings along with their own. Then they are scored by the brides to rank whose was the best. The prize? A honeymoon in paradise. Recently, a wedding planner I have gotten to know had told me that she knows someone who casts for the show and she can get our wedding on the show. How about that? While I really like this idea, Shane is not too happy about it. Oh well…a girl can always dream. Now I was just talking to the wedding planner, we are doing just fine planning this wedding ourselves…with Scrum. Next week I’ll tell you all about our adventures in Orlando!

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