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I got the job! It’s back to hospital work for me. But this time I am a Senior Project Manager. I really like the job, but not the commute. Shane and I ride the train in together, but after his stop at 18th and JFK, I get off the next stop and then I have to walk about 4 blocks to the Macy’s building. On the way it seems like the wind whips extra hard and my contacts start bothering me and then I have to pass a series of homeless people that beg me for money. I give them money almost every day. I feel so bad, but I don’t know what else to do. I might try walking another route out of my way. We are not using scrum here either, which really kills the deal. So a project that should last a few weeks is taking months. Another problem is that instead of working together, everyone is segmented and working in silos. Ahhhh… I wish I could change it all.

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