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Happy New Year Everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas? Sorry I have not written in quite a while, I have been busy with my new position. As one of the Project Managers on Louisiana, I was chosen to go to Baton Rouge to oversee implementing the project plans. I still miss Scrum and every day I tell someone else that I work with how much easier this project would be if we were using Scrum, it seems to fall on deaf ears. So while we are in Louisiana, Shane and I took a little detour to New Orleans for a few nights before we hit Baton Rouge. We went on a paddleboat and toured the French Quarter, ate at Café Dumont, and went on a horse drawn carriage ride touring the entire city. I drank a Hurricane that was probably the equivalent of 6 drinks, the cup was so huge, and we ate poor boys. Overall it was a great work trip! Can’t wait to go again sometime.

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