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I am now working for a major bank. This bank doesn’t have any branches, and does a majority of their products and services online. The projects I am managing are very data-driven, and many of them pertain to online marketing campaigns (which makes sense, since the Chief Operating Officer reports to the Chief Marketing Officer – I never heard of such a position being that important until I came here). This particular group is extremely serious about controlling and tracking the budget, creating monthly forecasts, reconciling forecasted amounts into actual amounts, etc. The development team consists of internal, offshore, and external vendor resources, which makes things a bit more challenging from a collaboration and communication perspective. I’m managing 15 simultaneous projects, and just as before, I convinced the director of the group to allow me to manage one of those projects with Scrum. Based on the improved metrics (including forecasted to actual amounts for time and cost spent), the director is having me use Scrum for more of these projects, as well as having me teach other project managers in my group about using Scrum.

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