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Agile Coaching

Are you trying to implement Agile and you aren’t sure where to start? Did you start to implement Agile and got side-tracked? We have a solution. Hire an Ace as your Agile Coach. We have a proven formula to take your organization to the next level of Agility. Whether you are interested in Lean, DevOps, SAFe, LeSS, Scrum, Kanban, or any other methodology, we have your solution.

Agile Aces performs the role of Agile Coach in two phases:

1. Observation

Agile Aces will send an experienced Agile coach on-site at your organization to observe how your team utilizes the agile methodology and delivers project. Our "Agile Ace" will gain an understanding about practices, processes, procedures, attitudes, and communication among your team and identify improvement opportunities that are disrupting the flow of work, causing rework or redundant work, patterns of negative behavior, or inefficiencies in project delivery process, in order to allow your team to be more effective. This observation may take several days, or several weeks or more, depending on the organization's environment and participation in the observation process.

2. Self-Discovery and Improvement

Our Agile coach will then share those observations with the team, helping them to understand the identified improvement opportunities, and work with the team and senior management to create and implement action plans to address those improvement opportunities. Our Agile coach will not instruct an organization's resources what to do, but will guide, advise, and empower them to discover internally what needs to be done and the right path to follow to bring that plan to fruition. Often, these improvement opportunities need to be addressed incrementally instead of all at once.

Please contact us if you are interested in having us be your Agile coach.


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We are a global premier training and consulting company passionate about Agile and effective product and project delivery. We offer individual and corporate training, certifications, Agile transformation readiness and maturity assessments, coaching, and staff augmentation.

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