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Million Dollar Questions

This was our fourth training with Speed and Function. This time I remembered to take pictures and film. We stayed until 6:30 PM answering all of their questions. Shane just amazes me with his expertise. He is so confident and it truly shines through that he is very passionate about Scrum. The CEO was there…

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Effective Risk Management with Scrum in 6 Easy Steps

One of the most important responsibilities of the ScrumMaster is to remove impediments or obstacles impacting the Scrum team. If they are already affecting the Scrum team’s productivity, they can be classified as issues. The sprint retrospective is a formal ceremony or meeting where the team inspects how they did during the last sprint, including…

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Three Two Day Trainings

This week was extremely busy as we held three two day workshops back to back. The only day that we took off was July 4 and even that day, we had to answer a few emails. Even though it was exhausting, we did it. Twenty seven resources from Speed and Function were trained. Too tired…

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