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Lightbulb Moment – The Beginning

Since we are both unemployed, I thought it was time that Shane and I invest in our Certified ScrumMaster Certifications. And I thought it would be even more fun to take it together. So we chose to go to a well-known Scrum Trainer in our area. We spent two days immersed in Scrum activities. And…

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My wife and I are members of a non-profit organization called PALS. It stands for the Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society. They’re the largest full-service, no-kill animal rescue in the Delaware Valley. They have an annual fundraising event scheduled for April, and my wife and I have volunteered to spearhead fundraising activities. Since we both…

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10 Steps To Take To Transition To Agile

I am often asked by people in my workshops as well as by companies:  “How can we transition to agile?  What do you suggest?”  The challenges that companies will likely need to address during the transition to agile are focused on the major differences between waterfall and agile mindsets. However, by understanding these characteristics, teams…

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