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We, as Delaware Valley Agile (“DelValAgile”) are holding our next Meetup tomorrow evening in Wayne, PA. The name of the event is “Don’t Be a Turkey”. It brings back memories to when I was studying piano at a younger age. My music teacher would fondly call me a “turkey”. We wanted to give back even more during our social event, so we’ve asked each participant to bring a canned or boxed non-perishable good (food) so that we can donate them to needy families in the Delaware Valley area in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s always important to think about those less fortunate – not just during the holiday season but every month of the year.

I’ll be presenting at our Meetup tomorrow evening. My presentation topic is “Agile Everyday – Not Just for Software or Web Projects,” or in other words, how there is a common misconception that the agile methodology is primarily for Information Technology projects. I have already blogged earlier about how I have used agile for a fundraising project for a non-profit organization, for my wedding, and will also provide examples about how I used the agile methodology for non-software and non-web development projects. I’ll also explain how the agile methodology can be used to identify and implement organizational structure improvements. When roles and responsibilities are better defined, and when collaboration, communication, inspection, and adaptation are supported and advocated, improvements can be made not only at a project level but at an organizational level. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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