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I am working for a Fortune 50 telecommunications company, working as a ScrumMaster, Project Manager, and Business Analyst, which is not the healthiest combination but due to resource limitations, I need to wear a lot of hats. On a good note, we are using Agile and Scrum to implement an enhancement to the retail web portal that individual customers utilize. The sprints are set to 2 weeks, and the development team is self-managing and independent. As a Business Analyst, I am a member of the development team, and we are collaborating effectively to the point where we assume additional secondary roles when needed in order to increase the team’s overall productivity and velocity. When I need to put my ScrumMaster hat on, I make sure that it is only to facilitate meetings and to guide and mentor the team with respect to Agile and Scrum, not managing the resources. I’ve also been working with the Product Owner to ensure that he is properly maintaining and prioritizing the Product Backlog on a frequent basis, and touching base with the stakeholders to ensure that the captured user stories and prioritization is aligned with the stakeholders’ expectations.

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