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So there was another org change and now I have another new boss, just when I was getting used to the other new boss. Oh well, easy come, easy go. I had no problems with the last one, so let’s hope my luck continues.

It would be so great if someday we could open our own business. I would love to have a winery in the country, on a few acres of land. My grandparents had a farm when I was growing up. They owned one hundred acres for me to run free, plus a stocked pond to swim and fish in and a big old bank barn to play in. And although I enjoyed spending my summers there, I was always so lonely. My cousins were much younger than I was and there wasn’t much to do on a farm besides chores. But I still miss the smell of the morning air, digging in the garden, the fresh fruits and vegetables, my Grand mom’s cooking and the peace and quiet. Two of my most favorite smells were when my grandparents would get all showered and dressed to go somewhere. Pop would smell of Ivory soap and Old Spice after shave and my Mom-mom would smell of the classic Chanel No 5. We would all get in the car to go somewhere and I would be in the back seat, but hovering between them in the middle of the front of their 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis in light blue with blue velvet seats. Mom-mom would pack us a lunch and we would be off to some adventure. She was such a back seat driver and that’s probably why I give Shane such a hard time on the road now. I miss my grandparents. They are long gone now, but I think of them often. And I loved being in the country.

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