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Did I tell you that my new position is 65 miles away from my home? Yes, it is. Week one it was ok. Week two, I’m a little tired. By week three, I’m dreaming of buying a helicopter. Is that weird? Maybe, but I gotta do something about this commute. Anyway, after reading all the manuals and taking compliance courses and quizzes, I finally got into what I will actually be doing at my new position. Agile and Scrum are a huge part of this puzzle.

We work in 2 week “sprints” pushing out software functionality every other Friday. We received a barely completed software system from Japan to compliment the GI scopes. Wow is it buggy. I mean defect city! We work very closely with the top Cancer doctors in the country to optimize their patient flow. I mean these guys are the best. They work at the Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson, every top GI doc…. I get to work with. I’m talking about nationally renowned doctors! It’s awesome working with great minds!

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