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On Thursday night we held the “Don’t Be a Turkey” Social and even though I stress out every time about who will be there and will we have enough food, it turned out great. Shane was on point with his presentation and really impressed everyone. I got some great footage for once and I am beginning to hold the camera steadier. Magic Hat Consulting was one of our sponsors and they collected resumes and held on the spot mini-interviews. Inverse Paradox was another sponsor and they brought enough beer for 20 parties! And finally John from HeadRoom spoke about the nuances of people going out on their own as an entrepreneur, and he reviewed all the pros and the cons. As a bonus we were able to collect enough food for about three needy families and had to take many trips out to the car to fill it with groceries to donate. All in all, even though it is so much work every time, it seems worth it when all is said and done!

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